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Part Number: M7DA4SH
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The LMT Modular Ambidextrous Rifle System (MARS) lower receiver offers fully ambidextrous controls to include: selector, magazine release and bolt catch and release. The ambidextrous magazine and bolt catch mechanisms are cleverly designed and their function and ergonomics is unmatched in the industry. This particular model comes complete with the PDW extension and PDW Stock. Developed for close quarters deployment and easier concealment, the PDW reduces overall length by 3". LMT didn’t stop there, this lower offers several unique LMT features to further enhance its durability and versatility.  

  • MARS-L ambidextrous lower receiver with enhanced (flared) magwell
  • PDW stock
  • 2 stage trigger
  • PDW extension tube
  • Ergo grip
  • Carbine buffer
  • 5.56 action spring
  • Enhanced (winter) trigger guard
  • QD swivel end plate

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